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Middle of August already!!

Talk about a long time since I have written in my blog. It's been good not using my computer as much as I did.

Yesterday I went for a walk around Durie Hill and got this photo of our building with it's lovely new colours.

Last week I found out that I'm pregnant. It was a bit of a shock but we are both very happy and talk about getting excited. I'm so lucky to have my sister helping me out. I was trying to talk her into becoming a Midwife yesterday as she would be perfect!! Wanganui has a shortage of them I think there are 15 midwives and 800 babies being born a year. I heard some people are being shipped out of Wanganui to see a midwife.

This was another photo I took yesterday I love it when the moon is out!!! I think the moon coming over Durie Hill is one of my favourite sights. I'm lucky to have such a good seat in our house to watch this!

I have been busy doing lots of different things like the Tarot every morning which has been interesting. I have never kept a not…