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Getting the itch BACK!!!

It has been a year since getting pregnant and so much happened in that year that my art has taken a back seat, it is just in the past few weeks that I have got the overpowering urge this week to get back into painting. So I got stuck in on the lounge floor and finished a piece for my mate in Palmy and did some more work on a painting I started for Maddy's room. I can't wait to get a studio again but will wait till the weather gets better and Maddy is a bit older as she still needs lots of sleep and the warmth.

There are loads of things happening in Wanganui for the arts, there is a new gallery that has opened in the building that I would like to get a studio space in the upstairs, I have been praying that the space will come available for me at the right time! There are competitions and a glass festival coming up over the next few months.

Life has been so different having Maddy has opened up so many different doors, there is so much to learn. There are so many favorite parts lik…