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February 2009

Man time flys past, we are into February already!

Loads has been happening in my life....I only have 6-7 weeks of my pregnancy left, I have a new niece Lucia, became the treasurer of the WanganuiArts Society and loving it, we love our new home, and started a new business Tizard Design

Today I have been playing around with a new art website My Art Plot it seems to be like DeviantArt . I'm not sure if I will use it much but everything is worth a try.

It is one of those hot, hot days here today. I started it with a cold bath and have been cruising around in my togs and sarong. I haven't been able to keep drinking enough water and am feeling like a bloated cow from water retention, I'm wondering if I'm going to need to get my rings cut off or not? Oh the joys of being pregnant. I have volunteered to be the model at the portrait class next Saturday and I'm hoping I will be able to do it with our looking puffy.

We had a great Christmas and New Year. My wonderful man bought …