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Latest Painting

My friend keeps asking for my Love Everybody painting and I just can't give it up yet. It was her birthday last week so I got stuck in, and painted her a smaller version. I think she will love it? I'm sure she will give me shit about not giving her the big one. 

Miss Paula's painting

So got snapped as Paula Ann read this blog before getting her painting. 
She loves it...

This morning I have been hanging out on NZ sculpture park website, getting excited about sculpture. I have been wanting to get into sculpture for a long time but never have. I am hoping that the course I'm doing will start me of in the right direction. 
I pinned some of my favourite pieces to my pinterest page
Right better get back to doing some work. 

This was pretty interesting I watched it in the week (starts after 6 mins)

Miss Maddy was doing her own art study this week while she was home sick

Card of the day is NEW LOVE

Open studios is finished for 2013

Here is a clip I made of my studio

I had lots of great feedback, meet some new people, caught up with some and enjoyed my time chatting to loads of people over the even. It was a perfect stream of visitor as I could connect with mostly everyone. 
I managed to finish a painting for Maddy, she turned 4 on Sunday

A protection angel for her room.

We had a party for her Sunday afternoon

Can't believe she is 4 already! 

I took Mum and Maddy out to Waverley to see Lisa Walsh's glass installation I couldn't take photos as you can see the sign from the door.
Lisa said that viewers should be prepared to see glass in forms and scale you have not seen before. “Our Home is a rare opportunity to experience our culture, reminisce on objects that we have treasured and reflect on the uniqueness that makes up our country,” she said.
Nearly 80 percent of the installation is recycled glass.
CLICK HERE to go to her facebook page
I started a new Picasso painting for myself 
And Humma bought me 52…