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I love reading

I have been playing with my computer so much my arm is so sore!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon resting after a beautiful lunch at Stella with loved ones and spending the morning reading a brilliant book about the left hand. The book goes through loads of exercises to get the left hand working, I have nearly filled up a visual diary with all the things I have learnt from this book. I love reading!

I read a book about Judas a few months ago and I finally made a slide show of my belief of what happened.......

Here is some of the stuff I have been learning from reading:The Power of Your Other Hand by Lucia Capacchione M.A.Did you know: 80 - 95% of the population did not get adequate parenting?This makes finding our inner child a task for most of us. By most time people reach adulthood, our natural healthy child-like traits are so wound up they are nearly dead, or distorted so much they are beyond recognition. The inner child is feelings, instincts, intuitions, spontaneity, and vitality. It …

Anzac Day

I just went to my first dawn parade and it made me very emotional and filled up with tears. It made me realise how hard you have to fight for FREEDOM!

The priest that took the service was a beautiful man who spoke extremely well. I wish I had caught what he had said on my camera but it will always be in my heart.

Here is a small clip of my morning......

Over the past week I have been playing around with video editing software and today I wanted to find something to make cool slide shows. After browsing the Internet and watching a clip from I found out that Microsoft movie maker was perfect. The website is one of the best website for information on pretty much anything. I have been getting a few newsletters for different topics over the years and I find them fascinating.
Anyway I already had the programme so I got to it and created this slide show.........

My message for the day was: The 'Object' of your intention cannot be wrong or apart from God's will,…

Busy Week!!!

I have been very productive this week and even started a new painting. I'm not sure what I'm going to call her yet but I think it will be lady?
In another few days I should have her finished? I have just started using oils on top of the acrylic so it may take a bit longer for me to wait until the oils dry.

Last night I finally updated my gallery in my website so now it has a better range of my work in there. I have been wanting to do it for ages but being a mammoth job I put it off, like you do. I would still like to put descriptions of all the paintings but that will be another time.

I got stuck into uploading videos onto that was fun. I have been playing around with my digital camera but there is something wrong with it so the clips come out all jolted I'm going to try and get it fixed soon.

I have been trying to find a ride up to Auckland this weekend and thought I had it sorted but the person has already gone so…

Open Studios 2005

I was just going through some of my old clips and I found this one of the Paint Pit studio when it was in the other side before I moved into the gallery. It was nice to see so many people interested and coming to our studio.

What fun!!!

I was going through some of my photo albums yesterday and it bought back many good memories. When I was 18 I moved from Palmerston North to Queenstown, that place rocks. I lived at the Arthurs Point Camp for a year, there were 112 permanent residents and most of them would come and hang out at my house because I had a fire place and TV.
Then I moved to Christchurch for a year and meet some pretty cool people. I ended up moving to Auckland with my neighbour and his friend and loved it! I worked hard and got to hang out with my family that lived there and make new friends.
When I decided to become an artist I knew that to have the dedication to my art, I needed to move out of the city, I thought that 6 months away from all the distractions to concentrate on my art would be heaps of time and I would move back with a good body of work. How wrong was I?
Rotorua was the perfect place as it was a quick drive back to the city but after a few years my sister and Mum talked me into moving to Wanga…

Hanging out with the family

I went and spent the day with Ness and the kids on Saturday and at 8:43pm her beautiful baby boy was born into the world. He was 8lb 10oz and she named him AchilliesNepia Te WirraPaikea. It was a fantastic experience to be there at his water birth. We headed up to the hospital at about 8:20 and she made it look so easy! Vanessa ROCKS!!! She makes the most beautiful children.

Here is a little video of Leah and I on the train at the park.......

My message for the day was: Be open to receiving the good that comes to you each day.

Another perfect day in Paradise!

First I want to wish Rere a very happy 30th birthday and a big sorry that we missed your party, I hope it rocked your socks off. It was lovely to have coffee with you in the morning and give you your gifts!

I gave her the painting that I did last Wednesday it is all about shapes and what effect they can have on your life. I painted it after the workshop that I held through the open studios. It reminded me of sitting at the back of science class doodling on paper. Yes I didn't pass science from a lack of interest and a busy hand.

I have had a good week, Sunday after the open studios I went and stayed at Maka's. I was so worn out that it was nice to crash out there!

We went to Mike's 50th party on Saturday night which ROCKED! They have such a cool place and great friends to party with.

Monday my house had lots of people in it.

Tuesday I crashed out on the sofa and watched movies all day and turned off my phone and door bell.

Wednesday I got into setting my house up with new projec…

Been up since 4am

It's funny as last Saturday I was up at 3am all excited to open for the Open Studios and this week 4am.
Last weekend was fantastic! Saturday we had a stream of people through our home, had a nice lunch with friends and we ended up rarking it up through the night. Sunday I got to have another lunch with more friends and caught up with people I hadn't seen in ages!
I got my photo in the paper on Monday which was cool! The papers have been helping the open studios heaps this year which is really great to have their support. Bring on today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mum and I went over to Palmy on Tuesday and had a great day we went shopping in friendly Feilding and spent heaps of money at FPC Art Warehouse and then headed over to Palmy to hang out with Nana. Below are some photos I took of Nana's photos that we went through while we were there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA for yesterday. I finally visited my friend Ness and checked out her home whcih they had bought about a year ago, I can'…

Nana's Photos

Mum and I went to see Nana on Tuesday as she is turning 82 on Friday. While we were there we went through all her old photos. It was such a nice afternoon learning about Mum's life as a child.