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Wanganui Artists Open Studios

Shaughan, Tony, Maddy and I spent a few hours today visiting artists in their studios for the 2011 Whanganui Open Studio event. It has made me feel very privileged to be living in such a beautiful art community. I didn't get time to visit all the studios I wanted to visit but I made a pretty good dent and hope to get to the rest of them next weekend. It made me realise that next year I need to make an effort to be involved in the event again.

We started by parking outside the Museum and walking down to Gaynor Mulholland's Studio as you can see in the photo above the bright green flags are hanging outside all the studios. Gaynor had a good range of realistic paintings for sale and the lovely Marie Grice was also there also exhibiting her work.

Walking up Victoria Ave to Guyton Street we called into Sue Cooke's Studio. She has been drawing on Eggs which was interesting. Maria Martin Smith was also exhibiting there, she loved Maddy's outfit. We had to drag Maddy out of th…

Wordpress is broken :(

I haven't been able to post in my photo of the day blog because wordpress is a target of attacks and I can't log in so it has given me a good excuse to write here.

Here are some photos from the past few days..

it was my niece's bday yesterday, Dulcie-Jean was 1 years old :)
I did some painting in the morning yesterday and more today
I'm have donated this painting for Sharlene's trip to India.  Will let you know when it goes on TradeMe
The day before yesterday I shot Maddy jumping on her new tramp :)

It is a rainy Sunday here, so wonderful as we haven't had rain for such a long time. Shaughan took Maddy into town for half an hour and I got to have a nice hot bath and relax, just what the doctor ordered as I have been a bit stressed.
I got to do a bit more painting this afternoon and I still have paint all over my hands and Maddy has managed to get paint all over her new pants, like mother like daughter!

If you haven't seen, this week I sent out the March newslett…