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Bring on the NEW YEAR, I say...

Sitting outside and listening to the birds chirp while thinking about the last 10 years, was the way I started my morning of the last day of this decade. It made me stop and think about what had happened and man, what a crazy 10 years I have had!

I moved to Rotorua from Auckland and started learning about living on a low income, met some interesting people and started my journey as an artist. I have Mara to thank for helping me make that huge life change!

A few years later, when I decided to open a big studio for other artists, I had the help of my family to settle in Wanganui, Mara helped with my move once again, that was a pretty crazy trip in the van LOL!
I found a house and then a huge building, to open the Paint Pit and it all began.
One of the landlords was Shaughan - who would have thought I would marry him and have his baby? You just never know what is in store for you in this crazy world!!

A week after I opened the Paint Pit my Gran died which totally shook my world as I  adored h…

Update of past exhibitions

The lovely Angela has just sent me an update of the exhibitions that have been over in the UK. Therefore I have just updated my list. It is amazing how fast the list gets really long!!!

My Past Exhibitions

October 2009 - Sussex Art and Antiques Fair, Sussex, UK
October 2009 - 'Mangaweka Fakes and Forgeries Festival & Exhibition' in Mangaweka, NZ
July - September 2009 - Opening Exhibition, Gallery @ The Dome, Sussex, UK
June 2009 - Toast 2009, Clapham, London, UK
May 2009 - Tuhura Exhibition, Gallery 118, Notting Hill, London, UK
April 2009 - Chelsea Art Fair, Chelsea, London, UK
March 2009 - Spring Fair - Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
February 2009 - 20/21 International Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London, UK
January 2009 - Kensington Art and Antiques Fair, London, UK
December 2008 - Goodwood Art and Antiques Fair, Sussex, UK
November 2008 - 'NZ House Taster' mini exhibition - London, UK.
November 2008 - 'Goodwood Art & Antiques Fair' - Chichester, West Sussex, UK…