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Day 18 of Creative Everyday Month - Just clearing out the house today

SARK Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy is talking on The Aware Show today -

The courier guy gave me a bit of shit today when he dropped another book off, what have you been buying this time he said LOL it was the coolest book Artists @ Work by Richard Wolfe, and Stephen Robinson. The cover really doesn't do anything for the book, totally a must for the book shelf!

I watched this video ( yesterday about online video which was really interesting. He gave me a link to Animoto which I threw some pictures at and this happened...

My card for the day is...
I nearly booked in for a massage today, talk about a must for next week!

Day 17 of Creative Everyday Month

It's been a really cool day today! I took the bed out of my studio and put back my table and all the stuff I need in there, UNCLUTTERED space YAY!!!

I also got to check out the MANDALA free online workshop it is awesome. I got inspired to go in my studio tonight and started one. I'm going into town today and get some better paper!

Here is a tip she gave us...

I have also been wanting to paint a painting with a quote in it but I haven't found the perfect quote yet any ideas? I'm hoping to start this painting tomorrow.

Here is the link to last years day 17 -

I had another book delivered today 73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know by Goddess Leonie Dawson. It is fantastic, lots of yummy reading.

 Leonie put on the words biggest summit last month which was wonderful. I'm pretty sure if you missed out you could still sign up and listen? Visit I was just checking out some of her p…

Day 16 of Creative Everyday Month

I lost the piece of paper I had on my desk to remind me of what drawing challenge I had for the day, so I'm going to chuck that idea out the window and just create stuff that I want to. I haven't painted for ages cause I had packed my studio up, as we where expecting a visitor to come and stay for 6 weeks. But last night I found out that it wasn't happening, so I can set my studio back up which I'm looking forward to doing! It was a good break and I got super organised, I'm not going to have any clutter in there.  Cause the past 24 hours have been pretty crazy I'm going to relax and read my new book Native Wit by Hamish Keith about his life, he is  very funny! Today I updated my website page on recommended New Zealand Art Books CLICK HERE to check it out. You can purchase the books by clicking the link to go to fishpond website.
Here is last years day 16 link about Zentangles - My card for the …

Day 14 of Creative Everyday Month - draw your favourite fairytale

My favourite fairytale would have to be Cinderella, I'm such a romantic at heart!

Drawing to come later hopefully!

Here is the link to last years day 14 - the AMP show where here last weekend but I forgot all about it!

I just ticked one of the things off my 101 list, photograph the alphabet... It was fun, I would like to do another one!
My card for the day is... NICE!
Clip of the day is....

Day 13 of Creative Everyday Month - Comic

I have never drawn a comic before so it was a bit of a learning curve which I enjoyed! Here is my drawing for the day...

Here is the link to last years day 13 about Basic Colour Theory -
My card for the day is... So true life doesn't flow very well when you hold on to anger!
Here is Doreen's reading for the week...

Always a lovely reminder, get some exercise! I'm looking forward to some lovely visitors travelling to me next weekend.

Day 12 of Creative Everyday Month - most recent accomplishment

That would have to be that I am 30 weeks pregnant and I created 101 things to do list today!  Here is a photo of my bump and my other perfect 2 year old bump hiding
Here is the link to last years day 12 on basic colour psychology -
I had such a fantastic relaxing day today, which I NEEDED!!! When you are a Mum you don't get to have needed breaks, imagine having an hour lunch break each day. I read a good article yesterday on newborns It's amazing how you really don't get having a baby until it happens! Plus I'm not very good at asking for help, so I burn myself out and get really ratty. Hopefully this time I will ask for help and it will be a little bit easier on all of us. I'm really excited about our little man's arrival and today finished organising all his clothes, talk about being super organised! 
Our little one put herself to bed early tonight…

Day 11 of Creative Everyday Month - draw a turning point in your life

Happy 11.11.11 everyone ❤

This is by far the coolest day of the drawing challenge! A turning point in my life was me and my packed up to the brim car, driving from Auckland to Rotorua, and seeing the lake thinking this is happening for real. That day I chose to live my life and I couldn't think of a more beautiful place to start. Thank you Rotorua for everything you gave me x

I have caught a wee cold so I'm not very with it today, hence the photo instead of the drawing.

The link to last years awesome day 11 -

My card for the day is This I have been reminding myself of all week!

The clip for today is all about Rotorua (I worked on this boat, we had lots of fun!)
The boat is on Lake Tarawera a magical place!

Day 10 of Creative Everyday Month - draw your favourite candy

I didn't do any drawing yesterday and I'm not going to draw today either, my arm is sore and I'm in need of rest, sleep and a few days off! But I have done heaps of other stuff. I have all my building I wanted done and my studio is packed away and ready for our guest to stay. It was the smallest room but I have managed to make it feel a lot bigger...

The link for last years day 10 -
  I did take some choice photos tonight...

My card for the day is Divine Guidance is a wonderful thing!

I have been listening to a dude talk about the sound of the chakras today it was fascinating...

You can download this mp3 @ just sign up.

Night night x

Day 8 of Creative Everyday Month - draw your favourite animated character

My favourite animated character is Mickey Mouse. I took the day off doing the normal creative stuff and built shelving for my paintings, super happy cause I can fit more in that little space. Just got to cut a few more pieces of wood for the wardrobe and then all my paintings will all be out of harms way. I was a thinking a lot about getting my paintings back from the UK today, see what happens.

Who doesn't like tools?
Here is the link to day 8 last year -

My laugh for the day was Miss Maddy getting into my mascara
My card for the day is

Day 7 of Creative Everyday Month - draw your favourite movie

My favourite movie has to be Dumb and Dumber or Meet the Feebles - I love silly movies. But the best art movie would be Pollock, I am going to draw paint it to come.

Day 7 link from last year -

Drawing is contagious in our household, Maddy and Daddy have been drawing it too...

My card for the day is...
Clip for the day...

Day 6 of Creative Everyday Month - draw your favourite book

I chose 'The Artist Way' by Julia Cameron - I think everyone should own a copy. It might not be a book you will want to read from front to cover but one you can open up when you are feeling a bit unmotivated or something had upset you? The first thing I got out of this book was writing morning pages, if I didn't start writing then, I would be in a much different place than what I am today! Thank you Julia x
Julia's website

My drawing...

Here is a link to my website where you can order the artist way along with checking out some other recommended reading for artists'm reading Art and Fear at the moment and it is AWESOME! I finished War of Art last week which every artist would also enjoy!

Day 6 link from last year -

My card for the day is...
The clip of the day - Dr. Helen Fisher, author of "Why We Love…

Day 5 of Creative Everyday Month - draw your best friend

Here I am 20 to midnight and really wanting to be in my bed watching a movie. I seem to be running out of time each day at the moment. This drawing is really rushed like 5 mins and not even a bit like my best friend, sorry Shaughan! Here is my drawing for the day...

Grumpy old man LOL.
Here is the link to last years day 5 -
Maddy, Teddy and I got to hang out and watch the old folks homes fireworks display tonight.

Today I have been sorting out all my photos and have finally sorted out my albums for my 365 photo everyday album and updated the albums on facebook, what a mission! Here is the link to my facebook if you are interested in checking out my photos -

My card for the day is... I'm super happy cause my friend just told me said would come over with another old friend from school for high tea in a couple of weeks.

Day 4 of Creative Everyday Month - draw your favourite place

My favourite place is the beach...

The link to last years day 4 (such a cute clip of Maddy painting, I can't believe it was only a year ago)

Here is a photo I took today of the beautiful flowers on the side of our driveway.

My card for the day is  I love this card! 
It is from the Healing with the Angel cards which was the first Doreen Virtue pack I bought around 2000 when my life was changing and I needed a bit of heavenly guidance. My soul was a little bit battered and broken and life felt sooooo hard! Each time I picked out this card out I knew that I would find the perfect man for me I just had to be patient (6 years) not my best quality LOL. 
The meaning that comes with this card is...Your prayer for a soulmate relationship is answered. Follow the guidance that you receive so you can enjoy the gift of divine love. Your heart yearns for for a big love. Since you are on the spiritual path, you desire a partner wi…

Day 3 of Creative Everyday Month - draw your favourite food.

I have just spent the last 2 hours learning about contemporary art and haven't done my drawing for the day yet, lets hope I can get it done and posted before midnight.

45 mins is my APPLE, I can't eat enough of them at the moment yummy!

Day three of last year -

My card for the day is...
I love to dance!
If I find some time tomorrow I will write more about the contemporary art lecture.
Good night x

Day 2 of Creative Everyday Month - draw you favourite animal

My favourite animal is the Giraffe. Here is my drawing for the day...

Man I am leaving it till the last hour of the day to get today's drawing challenge done!

Day 2 link last year -

My card for the day is... Nighty night x

Day 1 of Creative Everyday Month

I'm going right out of my comfort zone here - draw a self portrait... 

I had such a busy day today and all I really wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep.
Day one DONE! Good night x

Here is the link to last years first day

My card for the day...
Misty morning here today...beautiful!
I have been admiring the lovely greens that are dotted all over the landscape at the moment, it's so fresh and bright. 
I spent most of my morning in the studio yesterday just thinking. Reading and listening to all these inspiring people from the world summit are building up the bubbles inside me and I needed time to reflect on it all. 
This morning I'm listening to Danielle LePorta from A few days ago I signed up to her website and downloaded questions to ask your friends about who they think you are, it is a good thing to do! I asked a person who has been a friend of mine and like a sister and I did the same for her. 
I have been wanting to write aboutCreative Everyday Month which is coming up in November and today Leah is one of the speakers in the summit. 

I signed up to the challenge last year and it got me back into blogging, I wrote about creativity everyday. I'm thinking this year I might draw using this 30 day d…
Starting my day off with a laugh - here is Vin Diesel on helium...

I can't believe people think he is GAY, come on!

For those of you that don't know theFakes and Forgeries Festival in Mangaweka is coming up in a few weeks. I have been plodding away at a painting which I hope will make it there in time here is a sneak peek...
This exhibition/competition is a fun event, open to ANY scurrilous novice or professional artist who have longed for the excuse to copy a favourite piece of art. Works can be identical replicas, copies “with a twist”, or “inspired-by” a previous (preferably well known) artist and/or painting/art work. Click here for the entry form and rules. Whoops, I just read the rules and this painting won't be in the festival - it's too big!
I've been listening to Chris Zydel this morning, from, she is so lovely! I found this interesting clip of a student of hers...

Art & Fear is on it's way to my pile of books to read. I have wan…