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Colour is magic!

I love finding websites that are interesting. I have been on and am having loads of fun! I found out that the colour of the day for Tuesday is red. A day to get moving and put into action projects that you feel most passionately about, today will strengthen your resolve and increase your levels of confidence. Spend a minute focusing on the image to the right, take three deep and slow breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth to usher in the energy of confidence & passion.

You may ask why does each day of the week correspond to a different colour? It is because the Ancient esoteric schools that existed in Greece & Egypt assigned much significance to colour and its influence on our every day thoughts, feelings and actions. Their studies revealed that each day of the week was connected to a particular colour and on that day the colour attributes were stronger and more powerful. Each musical key links to a colour and corresponds to a chakra or e…