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Art Every Day Month Day 30 - HOW TO BE AN ARTIST

This is the last day of November and the ending of Art Every Day Month. Big thanks to Leah for getting getting me back into writing, I love it!!! I'm really surprised with the amount of people that have come to read my blog, thank you for all the wonderful comments and new friendships that have been made. I'm going to keep writing!

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How to be an Artist by Sark

Stay loose, learn to watch snails, plant impossible gardens, invite someone dangerous to tea, make little signs that say yes and stick them all over your house. Make friends with freedom and uncertainty. Look forward to dreams; cry through movies swing as high as you can on a swing in your favourite park. By moonlight cultivate moods, refuse to be responsible, do it for love, take loads of naps, and give money away. Do it now the money will follo…

Art Every Day Month Day 29 - Art Marketing Salon and books

I was going to write about marketing today and I then it hit me: those of you that want to know about marketing your art could join the Art Marketing Salon I'm starting in Jan 2011.
Does being an artist and trying to promote your artwork leave you feeling alone, frustrated, or unmotivated? Are you procrastinating on what could be a great career? Do you need help in Art Marketing? I'm forming an artist salon for artists guided by the FREE marketing plan available at All motivated artists interested in selling their work and committed to the success of other artists are welcome to join in.

The nine sessions covered in an Art Biz Connection salon are:

1: Introduction to Marketing
2: Set and Attain Goals
3: Define Your Art
4: Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
5: Describe Your Collectors
6: Assess and Improve Your Exhibition and Sales Opportunities
7: Promote Yourself and Your Work
8: Create Good Habits
9: Follow Up

This is for you if you're rea…

Art Every Day Month Day 28 - Helpful tips for NZ Artists

I want to share with you some very basic tips for New Zealand Artists.
If you don't have access to a computer buy one ASAP, it will open many opportunities for you, not just in your local community but all over the world.
PACE Program  
Pathways to Arts and Cultural Employment (financial assistance). PACE was launched by Minister's Maharey and Tizard on 9 November 2001 and became effective from 12 November 2001 (I was one of the first on the PACE program). The aim of PACE is to assist job seekers willing and able to pursue a career in the arts and creative industries to move to wards sustainable employment and self-sufficiency. To find out more visit and search 'PACE'.
If you don't have an email address I recommend using Gmail. Gmail offers you to store larger amounts of data. Make sure you keep all your emails to clients as a reference to look back at from time to time.  Visit: to sign up for a free address. When making an email ad…

Art Every Day Month Day 27 - Creative Challenge Participants

While I was writing my blog, last night, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I feel terrible after reading it this morning and seeing all the mistakes. Note to self don't blog at night after a full on day!

There are over 300 other people doing the creative challenge, here is the list...

1. Leah
2. Cordula
3. Tiny Stone
4. April
5. linda 
6. rowena
7. ABC creativity
8. Gumnut
9. Marie Young
10. marianne
11. Maron
12. Karen
13. Ann
14. Karen Koch
15. Jul
16. Lisa Firke
17. Melissa
18. crystal
19. Kathryn
20. Creative Chai
21. Christine Martell
22. Paula
23. Tammy Novak
24. Karen D
25. Bobbi's Art
26. sophie
27. Julie
28. Sandy Coleman
29. Zura
30. Peony Blue
31. Reshaping of Everyday Life
32. Margaret Ortiz
33. anett.edwards
34. Angie
35. Kim
36. Denise
37. Julie
38. Mother Henna
39. art, art, bo bart..
40. Wendy Edsall-Kerwin
41. Keira
42. Marbled Musings
43. Narimasu
44. createalittlejoy
45. Running Monologue
46. Betsi Goutal
47. Judean
48. My Giant Strawberry