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Art Every Day Month Day 20 - Starting to Paint

My mind has been going all over the place trying to think of the easiest way to explain how to start painting. 

The best advice I can give you is...don't expect perfection, this goal will frustrate you, and you may never want to paint again! 

First things first - get into a relaxed state of mind, maybe having a glass of wine, flicking through some books, putting on some music, or meditation. Personally I get the stereo cranked up, a cup of coffee...then paint. Most of the time the coffee goes cold as I get so involved with painting I don't stop for hours.

Getting ready to paint is like a little dance, I fluff around filling up jars, cleaning my brushes and palette (I never clean up after painting). Choose a canvas, get the tubes of paint out (I recommend using acrylic paint to start with), and I make sure I have all the things I need at hand.   

Here is a list of things you will need...

  • Tubes of professional  acrylic paint (the student ones don't have as much colour pigment in them). Here is a list of starter colours - warm and brilliant red, mid yellow, ultramarine blue, titanium white, carbon black, dioxazine purple, pthalo blue, turquoise, magenta, burnt umber. You may find you can pick up a good starter pack. Don't get to carried away with buying lots of colours until you master the basics. 
  • Canvases already stretched and primed (check all canvas in the shop for bends and dents, the boxed canvas are better to buy as they look better and won't bend as easily). Tip: if you dent the canvas brush water on the back and when it drys the canvas will go back like magic.
  • Brushes - this depends on the size of painting you are going to do to which size brushes you buy. For acrylic painting you will need soft-bristle brushes, I tend to buy the expensive brands. Before using your brushes make sure you wash them really well with cold water and dish washing liquid. Don't be like me and leave your brushes in the water as it wrecks them.  
  • 2 old jars (one for the brushes and one for clean water). Tip: change the water regularly.
  • A rag, paper towels, and the soap tailings to clean your brushes.
  • A paint palette - make sure you choose one that will be big enough to mix the amount of paint you require. 
  • Gladwrap to cover over the paint while you aren't using it.
  • Newspaper to cover over your desk! 
  • A spray bottle with a fine mist is great for keep paint moist.
  • Acrylic varnish - matt or glossy. I found spray varnish is easier to start with. 
Choosing what to paint - to begin with keep it simple! I spent my morning making a painting ideas application on my website check it out. You can also try putting the brush on the canvas and seeing what happens.

Put your bum on the seat and spread that luscious paint on the canvas.

And that is how you start.

Don’t give up too soon. Painting is a typically long and repetitive hobby and can take anywhere from half an hour, months, or years to finish just one piece (ask Shaughan about his birthday present from 2007). Always remember, most art looks bad until it’s finished. If you’re not happy with the way it looks, just give it time and keep working. A new layer on an acrylic painting serves to correct, hide, enhance the layers beneath it. Tip: don't let other people influence your creation.

Click here to get your artistic licence today.


Here are my first attempts at painting...


The Youtube clip of the day is Bob Ross Has Issues....

A real Bob Ross for those of you that don't know who he is...

I have been looking for good start painting clip but failed, if you know of one please let me know.

I enjoyed watching this lady paint a portrait in oil paint....

My card for the day was Heart Chakra

it said...The answer to your question rests within your heart. The more that you open your heart, the more love, joy, and peace you will feel. You can open your heart chakra by asking the angels to send their healing energy, by visualizing your heart surrounded by pink light, by inhaling the fragrance of pink roses, by holding or earing a pink quartz, and by focusing on LOVE!

A few articles I read today..

For more than a decade, UNLV thought it had a valuable Frank Stella painting 

Art Dealer Hopping


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