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Check out Leonie's colourful, creative, and spiritual workbooks...

I've been following Leonie since she hosted her 2011 Worlds Biggest Summit where she introduced me to some amazing woman! And since then I have watched her beautiful soul fly. I'm someone that when I want to manifest something, I write it down. And this is why I'm sharing this colourful, creative, and spiritual workbook with you. I can't wait to get mine and I'm sure you would also love it. I've used her workbook before and especially love the 12 month Oracle Spread she gets you to fill out. There are so many great activities in the workbook to help you focus on your life and what you want to achieve.
Check out the video below to see what they are all about then CLICK HERE to buy one. I'm ordering the THE LIFE BUNDLE you get a Life goals workbook (both print + digital versions!), 2016 Year Wall Planner, and a 2016 Weekly Diary/Planner for $42.95 plus shipping. I CAN'T WAIT!!!