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Missing Writing

It's weird but for the past week I have really missed putting pen to paper and getting out everything from this full head of mine. Every time I have come to write in my blog something or one has interrupted me so it is nice to hear the sound of Shaughan behind the vacuum cleaner, the keys of the keyboard and the baby asleep :)

I have been really lucky to have Shaughan who has taken on a lot more responsibilities while I was pregnant and now Maddy is born. Having and bringing up a baby is something you can never explain of how much your life changes, the lack of sleep is the worst thing for the first 4 months :)
Oh the 2 do list is finally getting back in use, I find this is the only way I can manage my life without sleepless nights. My mind is always so full and when it is like this I toss and turn if I haven't written it down. Plus I find everything that I write happens, don't ask me why.

It was 5 years ago this weekend that I opened the Paint Pit man a lot has happened in …