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Madeline Rose

Life has changed! Our new baby girl is such a dream, we have been very blessed!!!
Everyday is a different day and she is becoming more alert and now knows who her Mum and Dad are. It's amazing to think that only 11 months ago we would have never thought that we would become parents.
Everyone has been so kind and generous, we are very spoilt, THANK YOU EVERYONE X X X
Maddy coming home...

I haven't picked up a paint brush for a couple of months but have been clicking away with the camera instead. Hopefully after the winter months I will find a studio space and get back into creating masterpieces. My mind is full of many wonderful ideas and I'm itching to get back into it. I have even been thinking of studying something but not sure what, when and how? I have always been fascinated about people and the mind so I may go off in this direction.
My music clip for the day is
Adam Lambert