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WINTER is here!!

For the past week it has been snowing on the mountain so it has been bloody cold here! I am a Summer girl and I like to always be warm, so I feel my brain hasn't been working as fast as it normally does.

It was Shaughan's sisters 40th birthday last Friday and we went to her house for a party. It was so much fun, I got to meet loads of new people and make new friends. I really feel blessed to have married into the Tizard family they are all such lovely kind people.
We headed out to the hot rod show, the weather was perfect! I was so impressed with all the colours of the cars, it made is so yummy walking around them. My favourite car was a Chevy but this orange coloured car was my favourite colour! I think Shaughan and I will have to buy a hot rod when we have a house with a shed! If you are interested in having a look at more of the cars I have put my photos in the gallery on
We headed out to the beach later that afternoon and watched the sun go down. Li…

I love surprises

I have had the most special week this week with loads of surprise visitors.

At 11:30am this morning I received a text from my beautiful friend asking me what I was doing for lunch? It was Stephen, I hadn't seen him since our wedding it was such a nice surprise.
We headed down to Stella and had pizza and beer hmmmm. I finally got to hear about his adventures overseas and meet his lovely friend from Indonesia.
They have just left and are heading down to the South Island for a fun filled holiday.
Hopefully we will have their company for a night on their way back up to Auckland in a few weeks.

Last Tuesday I got a text from the lovely Lisa, she was on holiday in the Mighty Mangaweka and wanted to come to Wanganui to get some photos on her new SLR camera. She packed Richard in the car and headed for Wanganui. I love it when things happen perfectly, I had filled my slow cooker with chicken that morning so there was plenty of food and wine so we had a relaxed night hanging out.

I finally remem…

Relaxing morning

Shaughan just took me out for coffee, before he jumped on a bus to Palmy. It was so lovely the sun was shinning and we got the chance to catch up with friends. It is days like this when you feel so blessed to be in this beautiful world.

Last week I thought I would try ordering a photo book from digitalmax and when it came I was so happy! It was only $30 and it looks fantastic! If any of you are looking for a portfolio I highly recommend making a book online at It did take me a few days to create the book.

I found out about the arts policy for Wanganui this week. I'm really excited about the way the council are moving towards supporting all art forms in Wanganui. If you would like more information I posted an article for you to read at

Shaughan and I went out of town for a couple of days over Queen's Birthday weekend. We headed for Napier but only made it to Palmy, it was the best weekend! I bumped into heaps of people. I saw…