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Bring on the NEW YEAR, I say...

Sitting outside and listening to the birds chirp while thinking about the last 10 years, was the way I started my morning of the last day of this decade. It made me stop and think about what had happened and man, what a crazy 10 years I have had!

I moved to Rotorua from Auckland and started learning about living on a low income, met some interesting people and started my journey as an artist. I have Mara to thank for helping me make that huge life change!

A few years later, when I decided to open a big studio for other artists, I had the help of my family to settle in Wanganui, Mara helped with my move once again, that was a pretty crazy trip in the van LOL!
I found a house and then a huge building, to open the Paint Pit and it all began.
One of the landlords was Shaughan - who would have thought I would marry him and have his baby? You just never know what is in store for you in this crazy world!!

A week after I opened the Paint Pit my Gran died which totally shook my world as I  adored h…

Update of past exhibitions

The lovely Angela has just sent me an update of the exhibitions that have been over in the UK. Therefore I have just updated my list. It is amazing how fast the list gets really long!!!

My Past Exhibitions

October 2009 - Sussex Art and Antiques Fair, Sussex, UK
October 2009 - 'Mangaweka Fakes and Forgeries Festival & Exhibition' in Mangaweka, NZ
July - September 2009 - Opening Exhibition, Gallery @ The Dome, Sussex, UK
June 2009 - Toast 2009, Clapham, London, UK
May 2009 - Tuhura Exhibition, Gallery 118, Notting Hill, London, UK
April 2009 - Chelsea Art Fair, Chelsea, London, UK
March 2009 - Spring Fair - Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
February 2009 - 20/21 International Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London, UK
January 2009 - Kensington Art and Antiques Fair, London, UK
December 2008 - Goodwood Art and Antiques Fair, Sussex, UK
November 2008 - 'NZ House Taster' mini exhibition - London, UK.
November 2008 - 'Goodwood Art & Antiques Fair' - Chichester, West Sussex, UK…

Painting in your PJ's

I have been reading 'Paint In Your Pyjamas' by Cindy Wider and have loved reading it!'
Cindy talks about making time to paint and one way to do it is getting your family to take on more responsibility and to make life a lot easier for you! Like making one pot dinners (less washing up), get a haircut that is easy to manage (less time in the morning making yourself pretty), saying 'NO' to people and things you don't want to do. '
She shares in the book tips to finding your soulmate, your true self, reawakening your jungle girl and much more!
It has her life story, she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and she realised that she had to change her lifestyle or she wouldn't get better! I am a true believer that if your mind isn't right how can your body be? She found the process of creating art helped her define who she was, what she believed in and gave her direction as well as opening up, to receive her life purpose. How art has helped other woman.
There is…

Lou wanted to share this with you all but was a bit too long for the facebook

When someone is a REASON, it is to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a God send and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die, sometimes they walk away, sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand...what we must realise our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON because it is your time to share grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done …they usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy...believe it, it is real, but only for a…

Missing Writing

It's weird but for the past week I have really missed putting pen to paper and getting out everything from this full head of mine. Every time I have come to write in my blog something or one has interrupted me so it is nice to hear the sound of Shaughan behind the vacuum cleaner, the keys of the keyboard and the baby asleep :)

I have been really lucky to have Shaughan who has taken on a lot more responsibilities while I was pregnant and now Maddy is born. Having and bringing up a baby is something you can never explain of how much your life changes, the lack of sleep is the worst thing for the first 4 months :)
Oh the 2 do list is finally getting back in use, I find this is the only way I can manage my life without sleepless nights. My mind is always so full and when it is like this I toss and turn if I haven't written it down. Plus I find everything that I write happens, don't ask me why.

It was 5 years ago this weekend that I opened the Paint Pit man a lot has happened in …

Spring is coming...

This picture was jumping out of my computer this morning, it is of me and my sister, who is pregnant with number 6! We are all really excited and can't wait to meet the next little treasure she is bringing into the world. It has been so nice the past few weeks as the weather is warming up and we are getting out into the fresh air more. We have had 4 baby lambs born in the last month, the bird life is coming back and everyone is a lot happier. It's amazing what a bit of sun does. Maddy is growing so fast last time we weighed her she was 8kgs, 2mora she is 20 weeks old. She is growing into such a happy little girl. Last night she slept till 6am I couldn't believe it, so I am feeling like taking on the world today :) Shaughan bought me a new car this week it's a BMW I have always wanted one so I'm pretty happy, I love driving it! Shaughan will have to fight me to drive anywhere now :) We have been upgrading my site it's starting to loo…

Getting the itch BACK!!!

It has been a year since getting pregnant and so much happened in that year that my art has taken a back seat, it is just in the past few weeks that I have got the overpowering urge this week to get back into painting. So I got stuck in on the lounge floor and finished a piece for my mate in Palmy and did some more work on a painting I started for Maddy's room. I can't wait to get a studio again but will wait till the weather gets better and Maddy is a bit older as she still needs lots of sleep and the warmth.

There are loads of things happening in Wanganui for the arts, there is a new gallery that has opened in the building that I would like to get a studio space in the upstairs, I have been praying that the space will come available for me at the right time! There are competitions and a glass festival coming up over the next few months.

Life has been so different having Maddy has opened up so many different doors, there is so much to learn. There are so many favorite parts lik…

Madeline Rose

Life has changed! Our new baby girl is such a dream, we have been very blessed!!!
Everyday is a different day and she is becoming more alert and now knows who her Mum and Dad are. It's amazing to think that only 11 months ago we would have never thought that we would become parents.
Everyone has been so kind and generous, we are very spoilt, THANK YOU EVERYONE X X X
Maddy coming home...

I haven't picked up a paint brush for a couple of months but have been clicking away with the camera instead. Hopefully after the winter months I will find a studio space and get back into creating masterpieces. My mind is full of many wonderful ideas and I'm itching to get back into it. I have even been thinking of studying something but not sure what, when and how? I have always been fascinated about people and the mind so I may go off in this direction.
My music clip for the day is
Adam Lambert

February 2009

Man time flys past, we are into February already!

Loads has been happening in my life....I only have 6-7 weeks of my pregnancy left, I have a new niece Lucia, became the treasurer of the WanganuiArts Society and loving it, we love our new home, and started a new business Tizard Design

Today I have been playing around with a new art website My Art Plot it seems to be like DeviantArt . I'm not sure if I will use it much but everything is worth a try.

It is one of those hot, hot days here today. I started it with a cold bath and have been cruising around in my togs and sarong. I haven't been able to keep drinking enough water and am feeling like a bloated cow from water retention, I'm wondering if I'm going to need to get my rings cut off or not? Oh the joys of being pregnant. I have volunteered to be the model at the portrait class next Saturday and I'm hoping I will be able to do it with our looking puffy.

We had a great Christmas and New Year. My wonderful man bought …