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Happy Easter x

I'm feeling like my mind is about to explode with things that I need to do at the moment, so why not forget about it all and write in my blog?

What a wonderful weekend it has been, mine started a bit shaky as I really wanted to go away but I'm glad we stayed home, as we have spent lots of time with our families. Yesterday was an easter egg hunt at Grandma's...

Saturday we went out and Friday everyone seemed to turn up here which was just what the doctor ordered...

The youtube clip of the day is a slideshow I made in April 2008 with a few of my photos of Wanganui, I also made the loop of music to go with it :) 
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The card for the day is YES

From Wiki....Ganesha (Sanskrit: गणेश; IAST: Gaṇeśa; listen(help·info)), also spelled Ganesa or Ganesh, also known as Ganapati (Sanskrit:गणपति; IAST: gaṇapati), Vinayaka (Sanskrit: विनायक; IAST: Vināyaka), and Pillaiyar (Tamil: பிள்ளையார்), is one of the deities best-known and most widely worshipped in the

Happy Me..

Well the cold weather has hit us pretty hard today, there is snow falling on the mountain and it's really windy. It doesn't take long for the Wintery season to kick in once the clocks go back. I'm loving the cold this time, after our long hot Summer!

I'm suppose to be hosting our 6th art marketing group about ASSESS AND IMPROVE YOUR EXHIBITION AND SALES OPPORTUNITIES tonight but 3 out of the 6 are sick so I have put it off till next week. I really enjoy hosting the group, even with all the crazy run of events in the past few months.
I started another group this week for men, the group is based on the book The Artist Way by Julia Cameron and the people in the group are old friends that I love hanging out with.
I bought the book Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron last week and it has really kicked me back into gear and so motivated to ROCK ON!!! I was missing writing my morning pages. I wrote them for years and years and when I had Maddy they didn't fit into my day, but t…