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Sunny Sunday

Well it has been a pretty full on week! Shaughan has the week off and we have been filling our days with loads of interesting things, like playing the Guitar Hero game for the Playstation. I must say I got a bit addicted to this game and had loads of fun rocking out for the few rainy days we had.

Yesterday we were down at the beach at 7am fishing, can you believe it? I had to drag myself out of bed and it took a few cups of coffee before I could think straight. We didn't catch anything but I got some great photos with the light being perfect and it was so calm.

It is always a nice morning in Wanganui on Saturday when the sun is shinning walking around the markets and talking to loads of interesting people. I bought myself a cool badge yesterday of a Tui and in the afternoon, when we took Ralph to the park, I lay under a tree with the most beautiful sounding Tui singing in it, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.
I got a lovely parcel in the post from Nescafe yesterday with a mug…

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Our Christmas party last weekend was lots of fun! Loads of people came up throughout the day. It was nice to see the kids taking full advantage of what was there to play with!

It was a really hot day, we ate, drank and were MERRY!
This photo is of John, John his wife Ronda and son Ben drove all the way from Levin to share the day with us, it was lovely to have them here!
You may not know this but I love to cook, when I left school I went to hair dressing collage and then I headed off to a cooking course just before I moved to Queenstown, one of New Zealand's treasured places. So I thought it would be nice to share with you some fun recipes to make over the holidays and a few photos I took last Sunday at our Christmas Party.
Chai Tea Recipe (This lovely little angel is Maia)
Add together:
1 Tbsp fennel or anise seed 6 green cardamom pods 12 cloves 1 cinnamon stick 1/4" ginger root, sliced thin 1/4 tsp black pepper corns 2 bay leaves 7 Cups water 2 Tbsp Darjeeling tea,
bring to a boil, and si…

Christmas is in the air!

I took some photos of Vanessa yesterday and this was the coolest one of the little boy that is growing in her stomach.
I took some more today at Mum's but she took her camera back and I don't have them on my computer yet. She looks amazing and produces such beautiful babies.
We have been brain storming for a name but haven't found the right one yet any suggestions?
I have been cruising around town dropping of Christmas cards today it was fun! I love the new car it sounds like a big cat purring.
Wanganui has got into the Christmas spirit and there are heaps of happy people walking around, I love it!
My message for the day was: Joy is the highest and most powerful emotion, and guilt is the lowest. Give any guilt to us so that we can turn it into joy.
I went and meet the WanganuiWananbees yesterday and got a good photo of them. They are fundraising and if your interested go to to find out more information. Last night we went out to our friends and had a lovely eve…

Life is DANDY!

I have been a girlie girl this week and have got out all my stuff like the eye tint as you can see here I gave Rere's eye lashes a wee lift and it looks gorgeous! I got my scissors out and cut my hair and even tried to go blond but the it didn't turn out because the product was too old. I miss working at KMS Haircare cause I had the best range of products. Midge called in yesterday which was a nice surprise he is playing at Vega on Sunday afternoon so we might go and have a drink and check it out after lunch. We are having a big Christmas day here on Sunday with our friends to celebrate Christmas which will be fun!
Palmy on Monday was a very busy day we checked out what we need to set up the fish tank so we can have tropical fish and it's only going to be $250 a lot cheaper than we thought. The pet shop was so cool! They had huge fish swimming around in their tanks, we spent ages in there playing with all the cute animals, I could have so bought them all home with me! We…

Sunday Morning Tune

My man was playing tunes yesterday morning and I couldn't help myself but to get this clip. He wasn't impressed as you can see. We have had a great weekend. Richie rich came up from Christchurch to hang out for the weekend. We went and had a lovely meal with friends at Stella and even had breakfast there the next day. We listened to the police scanner a lot it was pretty crazy for them here this weekend. I got my tarot out and gave Rich a reading which was fun as I haven't had them out for ages. It's weird when I was in Auckland and Rotorua I was always doing readings but since coming to Wanganui I haven't spent much time doing them, only doing them for my close friends when they are in need of some guidance.
I have finally cleaned up my house and it's looking great I put a sofa back in my office space, after many people complaining that they didn't have anywhere to sit and that it didn't feel like my office anymore. I have been racking my head of what …

What a week!

My life has been total madness. I can always tell when things are crazy cause I don't write in my blog and my house looks like it hasn't been cleaned for a month. My mission for today, cleaning the house.

Our exhibition 'Our Love' went off with a bang! We had loads of people come and join us our local MP came which was a nice as he is a lovely man and we are lucky to have him here in Wanganui! Bobby came up from Wellington which was heaven sent as he helped us a lot. Thanks Bobby. We are all talking about having an exhibition next year, the three of us with Bobby in Wellington. I can't wait to get to a bigger town to show off our styles. Maybe it could be New York the next year after that? ROCK ON!

Rere did well in the exhibition and sold 3 of her pieces. We all had great feedback so we are very happy with our efforts Click here to read our story and see the online exhibition, bear in mind the photos don't do justice for the paintings.

After the exhibition opening…