Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Painting in your PJ's

I have been reading 'Paint In Your Pyjamas' by Cindy Wider and have loved reading it!'
Cindy talks about making time to paint and one way to do it is getting your family to take on more responsibility and to make life a lot easier for you! Like making one pot dinners (less washing up), get a haircut that is easy to manage (less time in the morning making yourself pretty), saying 'NO' to people and things you don't want to do. '
She shares in the book tips to finding your soulmate, your true self, reawakening your jungle girl and much more!
It has her life story, she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and she realised that she had to change her lifestyle or she wouldn't get better! I am a true believer that if your mind isn't right how can your body be? She found the process of creating art helped her define who she was, what she believed in and gave her direction as well as opening up, to receive her life purpose. How art has helped other woman.
There is an Artability Phobia test to see if you have any fear towards being able to be creative. A chapter about learning to act upon your intuition and how to talk to keep your logical mind at bay. How to over come procrastination once and for all. The power of your little pink notebook and making goals flexible.
Then about 3/4 through she gets into the side of art. Gatherings a drawing kit. Special way to hold your pencil.
Drawing with your 4 natural gifts - Horizontal and vertical comparison, size comparison, arranging objects, light and dark comparison.
3 traditional art skills - Grid method for copying, construction drawing for creating pictures from your imagination and shading with scale for creating depth and making your creations look realistic.
Construction drawing - talking about the shapes in objects, she gives you encourages you to practice, practice and gives you some exercises.
What you need in your painting kit, creating your painting palette - one tip was to put a wet sponge in a plate and with grease proof paper on top for your paints so they won't dry out :).
Taking care of your brushes, how to use your brushes, mixing paint.
How to mix your own unique soul colours,the colour wheel, contemporary colour, creating interesting greys, colour swatch and how to create your own.
The last chapter is all about where to go from now and touches on teaching yourself, finding a local art teacher, correspondence courses, joining an artists' cooperative, art groups and throwing art parties!
She ends the book with a lovely few pages of encouragement and invites you to join the on-line community on: If this book sounds like you would also enjoy reading it you can buy it from her website:

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