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Art Every Day Month Day 19 - My Romance

I have a few topics that I have been thinking about but they can wait, 'cause I want to write about me and my man.

In his spare time (edit by shaughan: spare???) Shaughan loves to read fiction books (only written by men), watch 'man' movies and play live and online Texas Holdem' (currently he is banned from this by me). When he is in a social mood he likes to drink coffee, smoke ciggies, debate about politics and play his guitar. He hates mowing the lawns, being told off,  putting the rubbish out, and that I'm always right. Yes, he has the t shirt and fortunately a great sense of humour!

This is Shaughan's favourite photo of him and Ralph.

Shaughan is one of the most talented people I have ever met! He can talk to anyone and everyone, fix any computer, creates amazing websites, knows all about rugby and accounting, leaves me for dust with his writing and grammar skills. He could sell any type of car or really anything for that matter, and has an unbelievable bank of knowledge on so many different topics - one you would never guess is the Bible!  

Our family portrait 2007

He has a huge and generous heart and bends over backwards for those people that are close to him, he is level headed but in saying that he has no time for bulls%#t! He protects, loves, and supports me all my crazy adventures and is a wonderful husband and I'm very happy our paths crossed and we hooked up.
Etching I did in 2007 at UCOL

Finally crossing paths....

Mum used to sell real estate here in Wanganui, and she went to Shaughan's brother Erins house to talk business. While she was there Fi, Shaughan's sister in-law, said that her brother in-law that had just moved back to Wanganui and needs a nice girlfriend, Mum said 'I have a daughter, but she isn't living in Wanganui and nothing came of it. It was not until after I had meet Shaughan Mum realised when I introduced Fi to Mum that he was the dude that Fi had talked to her about a few years back.  

Phil and I were talking about websites, and he said he knows this dude in Auckland that was a fantastic web designer and he would take me and meet him. We never got to meet because no one knew where he was anymore. Then about 2 years later I was on the phone to Phil one night, Shaughan was sitting next to me and he said is that Phil St&#ly? I said yes and it all clicked - Phil was going to take me to meet him in Auckland all those years back.Shaughan knew Phil through the drummer in his band, Zane. Shaughan and Zane had been Palmy flatmates and in a band together called The Doylies.  

One night I was in a bit of a crossroad in my life, and I didn't know what I should do regarding the men in my life. So I asked God 'What is going on? Is there a special man that I am going to meet?' I got the answer pretty I was rolling my next fag, the tobacco fell into a perfect 'ST'. 'Sweet', I thought and got on with my busy life. A few months later I was ready to open my studio and headed down to 62 Taupo Quay to look at a space. There I met Dave and Shaughan the 'Catch 22 boys'. A bit of a chat and they became my new landlords. It wasn't until about the 3rd time I talked to Shaughan that he gave me his business card, I realised that minute I saw his last name...this was the dude. I was very cool towards him in the beginning (bullshit - ST.), I was so busy getting the studio ready to open, I didn't want any distraction. But he was pretty smooth, and before long we had both moved in upstairs and started sharing our life together. We were destined for each other!


I believe there is the perfect person at the perfect time for all of us, we have to be patient, learn the lessons we need to learn and enjoy life until that right one comes along. My Gran found a wonderful man when she was at the ripe age of 72 years old. Who knew she would find true love at that age?

One of the many paintings I have done for Shaughan

We painted this painting together one night. 

Soul-mate painting

A painting for ST

Another painting we did together in Auckland 2007

The Youtube clip of the day is Bob Marley - One Love

I have to add one more The Doors - Hello, I Love You


My card for the day was Let It Go...

It is time to stop struggling, pushing, or forcing things to happen. Such actions push against the universal flow and lead to frustration and blocks. When you let the situation go to Spirit, you automatically open supportive doors that will bring you solutions and an outcome exceeding expectations. Let go of struggle, anger, unforgiveness, or anything else undesirable. Trust that the Universe is on your side. 

I had a very frustrating day yesterday, nothing was happening and I was getting really ratty! I know I should relax and go with the flow but I so wanted to get my studio set up. Today I will let it go, have some fun and have a better day! Shaughan is going to be allowed to do whatever he wants this weekend, he's been a good boy.


EVA said…
What a wonderful serendipitous story! Very cool and great art you have made together!
I'm a sucker for a good romance and adding your art to it, makes it exude passion. Love it!
Anonymous said…
i was drawn to happy tears when i read your beautiful story...was a short movie type feeling with a true story brilliance.truely genuine.thanks so much for sharing.

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