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Art Every Day Month Day 12 - basic colour psychology

This week has been magic here in Wanganui it finally feels like Summer is settling in and here to stay...I LOVE IT!

I wanted to talk about colour today, there is so much information on colour so I thought I would break it down and start with basic colour psychology. 

Red is the most powerful of colours it is a bold colour that commands attention! Red is the most emotionally intense colour of the colour spectrum It is associated with love, lust, passion, anger, blood, rage, war, fire, warmth, compassion, strength, power, energy, excitement, and...the list goes on. Red has been shown to raise the heart rate and improve circulation as well as stimulate the appetite. It is said that red can help in overcoming negativity, but be careful as too much red is said to cause irritation, impatience and sometimes anger. Red is one if the colours used for the base chakra, located at the base of the spine.


Orange is a good balance between the passionate red and the "yellow of wisdom." Orange is associated with nature, autumn, warmth, confidence, adaptability, appetite, happiness, humour, creativity, energy, comfort and fun. It frees emotions, promotes self-esteem and forgiveness. Orange is a very stimulating colour which has been knows to fight depression and cultivate good humour. Lighter hues such as peach and apricot; have been shown to help restore nervous energy. Orange is the colour used for the sacral chakra, located at the lower abdomen.


Yellow is one of the strongest, happiest and uplifting colours of the wheel and is the first colour the human eye notices! Yellow is associated with intelligence, focus, optimism, confidence, friendliness, cheerfulness and boldness. It aids clear thinking and expression of thoughts, improves memory and judgment, enhances concentration and speeds up the metabolism. Yellow's stimulating nature and high visibility to the eye is the reason why many road signs are bold yellow. Yellow birds, flowers and skies are sure to be eyecatchers just because of the way the mind and eye works! Yellow and gold are the colours used for the solar plexus chakra, located between the navel and chest.


Green's strong link with nature helps us to feel more in touch with nature and each other. It symbolizes growth, harmony, rebirth, fertility and freedom. It is associated with comfort, refreshment, balance, environmental awareness, peace, relaxation, and calmness. Green is known to help release stress, as well as balance and sooth emotions. Green also brings forth some negative connotations. The phrase "green with envy" also gives way to guilt, ghastliness, sickness and disease. Green is one of the colours used for the hear chakra, located centre of the chest.


Blue is the world's favourite colour it represents temperature, sky, water and ice. It is the second most powerful colour. Blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, which stimulates healing, relieves pain and lowers blood pressure. It is associated with healing, peace, patience, communication, trust, coolness, loyalty, and vastness. Light and soft blues, are known to make us feel quiet and protected. Too much, or certain shades of blue can be perceived as cold, depressing, unemotional and unfriendly. Blue is one of the most politically correct colours there is with no negative connotations of it anywhere on the globe. One more thing worth mentioning about blue, it is the least appetising colour to use for food. Blue and turquoise are the colours used for the throat chakra, located in the throat area.


Purple is a mixture of blue and red. Purple is magical, spiritual, healing, royal, luxurious, and wealthy. According to psychologists, violet contributes to mental equilibrium and helps to heal obsessions and fears. It is also associated with the artistic, musical, and spiritual. In addition, it is said to promote sensitivity and compassion. However, because purple is rarely found in nature, it can appear artificial and cheap if used excessively. Purple is one if the colours used for the crown chakra, located at the top of the head.

Pink is the most gender specific. Pink represents femininity and has a gentle nature. Pink is associated with sweets like candy and bubble gum. It also symbolizes softness. Because it's so "feminine," use of pinks should be well planned. Pink is one of the colours used for the hear chakra, located centre of the chest.

Brown is associated with nature, trees and wood. It represents conservancy and humility. Next to grey, brown, in one of its many shades, is one of the most neutral of the colours (it is neither a warm or cool colour). Brown is useful in balancing out stronger colours, and because it is one of the most predominant hues in nature, it gives a sense of familiarity. Brown is one if the colours used for the base chakra, located at the base of the spine.

Grey gives the stamp of exclusivity. It's the colour "around which creative people are most creative." Gray is a neutral colour that can enhance and intensify any other colour it surrounds. It can enhance the psychological response of the other colours it supports.

Black is associated with elegance and class (black-tie affair). It is the traditional colour of fear, death and mourning. Look at the many terms using the word black to understand how it is perceived: "black sheep," "black heart," "black and blue" and "black mark." Despite the negative imagery that black brings, it is a preferred colour in many designs since it contrasts with most colours quite well. If used correctly, it promotes distinction and clarity in your images. Black is is one if the colours used for the base chakra, located at the base of the spine.

White symbolizes purity, virginity, innocence and birth. It's closely associated with winter and can also represent surrender or truth. In the colour spectrum, white is the union of all the colours. Its neutrality and conservative nature is widely accepted. Its simplicity and subtle quality makes it an ideal colour for establishing clarity and contrast in images. White is one if the colours used for the crown chakra, located at the top of the head.

What is your favourite colour?

The Youtube clip for the day is Beautiful Minds: Stephen Wiltshire...

Stephen is autistic. He did not speak his first words "pencil" and "paper" until he was 5. Yet, when he was 11 he drew a perfect aerial view of London after only one helicopter ride. For this film we're testing the "Living camera" in Rome.

My card for the day is Forgiveness

It said.....let go of any anger and resentment and feel yourself healed. You don't need to forgive the action just the person, so that you can be at peace. Look at the high price you pay for being a vessel of anger. Forgiveness simply means that I am no longer willing to carry around any pain in response to your actions. When we hold anger in our heart we only punish ourselves. Your Angels will help you release anger if you just ask for their assistance. It took me a long time to understand forgiveness, when I did my life became peaceful!


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