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I love reading

I have been playing with my computer so much my arm is so sore!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon resting after a beautiful lunch at Stella with loved ones and spending the morning reading a brilliant book about the left hand. The book goes through loads of exercises to get the left hand working, I have nearly filled up a visual diary with all the things I have learnt from this book. I love reading!

I read a book about Judas a few months ago and I finally made a slide show of my belief of what happened.......

Here is some of the stuff I have been learning from reading:

The Power of Your Other Hand by Lucia Capacchione M.A.

Did you know: 80 - 95% of the population did not get adequate parenting?

This makes finding our inner child a task for most of us.

By most time people reach adulthood, our natural healthy child-like traits are so wound up they are nearly dead, or distorted so much they are beyond recognition.

The inner child is feelings, instincts, intuitions, spontaneity, and vitality. It is emotional and expressed until condemned. It is playful until crushed, it is magical until ridiculed. You can bury it, distort it, make it sick, but you can't get rid of it.

We lose so much of the magic and mystery of living, the delight and intimacy of relationships. So much of the destructiveness that we bring to each other as human beings is a function of our lack of connection to our sensitivities, our fears, our lack of magic.

Our inner child may be our most precious sub personality the closest to our essence, the one that enables us to truly become intimate to fully experience others and to LOVE!

Alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual obsession, eating disorders, compulsive spending and gambling are some of the misguided attempts to return to childhood. The behaviour that results in inappropriate childishness rather than the true child-likeness.

Denial has been the key issue in the families of alcoholics, addicts etc. As long as the denial continues there is no way to work through abuse so it gets passed down to the next generation.

To find out more I recommend reading Lucia's book! It is written in a way that is easy to read and fascinating. She talks about using the dominate hand and the non dominate hand to help you work towars bringing your inner child back to life. It truly is a beautiful thing!!!

My message for the day was: This is our affirmation for you: "My heart and mind are now filled with joy. I am a mighty reflection of God's happiness."



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