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Pregnant and baby Tips from Vanessa

I sat down with my sister about 4 years ago and we talked about all the things she had learn't from having babies. Next month she is having her 5th baby and I'm excited. I just found this document and thought I would share it with you.....

Don’t eat these foods while you’re pregnant:

Peanuts, peanut butter, soft cheese, deli food, mussels, Chinese takeaway

Eat loads of:

Fresh fish, fresh fruit, heaps of meat for iron; Spirellina is also a great source of iron. You want your baby to have at least 6 months of iron supply when born.

Your body will tell you through your cravings, for the things it needs

Don’t take vitamin C, but orange juices are ok, and stay away from multi vitamins. Vitamin C doesn’t go through into your milk when breast feeding. Don’t let your baby go to sleep with a bottle of orange when it gets older as the sugar will rot it’s teeth.

Stretch and relaxation sessions for pregnant people are available at the hospital and are a wonderful to attend.

Also the pre-antenatal classes at the hospital are free to lean the basics.

At the parent centre they have an 8 week session for around $70. It is a great way to learn as they have heaps of information and it also is a great way to meet other people. It is nice to have other children for your baby to grow up with.

At home have 6 Bags of new born nappies and 6 of the next size up is good number of nappies to have ready at home before you bring your baby home. You can use the cheap ones through the day and good ones through the night. Nappy bags are great to use.

Breast feeding is the way to go it is free and efficient, just flop out your tit and your away. Any extra milk you have, it’s a good idea to express and put in the freezer.

To sterilize bottles boil them for 5 minutes in a pot. You can get teats that don’t squirt milk all over the place when your baby isn’t sucking on them.

Travel Pack

Nappy rash cream, wipes, a flannel, a blanket, extra nappies, extra clothes, bottles, toys. You never know sometimes what will happen and it’s best to have everything.

When you go to sleep wear a bra with breast pads as you will leak everywhere. Treasure’s ones are great, you can buy washable ones from the Tommy Tippy range or use cut up material.

You will have huge tits they feel rock hard and have lumps, use a hot flannel to gentle massage towards the nipple. 3rd day your milk will come. There will be a yellow liquid your baby needs it has antibodies in it.

20mins after your baby is born it needs your titty so get them on it asap.

Baby wise is the best book to read to make life easier and controllable.

Every 3 hours your baby needs feeding, if they cry before that they need something else for the first 3 days 17 hours a day you will be feeding, sleeping, and changing nappies, giving love and warmth.

It is best not to rock them to sleep in your arms, teach them to sleep in their bed by themselves. Never sleep with them.

Sit up when feeding your baby at night.

Have a bottle of water with you always as you need lots of water.

Your baby needs to suck hard as there is water milk at the top and full strength milk underneath.

Winter milk is different than summer milk.

Have a look at the placenta was smoking and it causes it to be slack, gritty and small. Vanessa’s where fat, juicy and rich.

It is best to stop smoking a year before you have your baby.

3 months they start teething they will have runny poos, dribble, run a fever and be ratty. Use Rusks, Bongela and Pamole they can have 2.5ml when babies ½ teaspoon when a year old. It brings temperature down 2-3 degrees.

Plunket are great they visit 6 times a year. Your midwife that you will have organised 12 weeks after falling pregnant will check up on you and baby also. You can ring them anytime!

You may cry a lot if you have postnatal depression.

3 days after the baby is born you will have the baby blues you will cry it’s like having your period you will be very emotional. Make sure you have loads of pads as you will have heavy bleeding.

Have the heal prick test and get the blood done for tests, they will make a DNA sample for New Zealand records.

Vitamin K, Ness gave it to her babies day 8 so their blood wouldn’t clot. She has said to ask for negative.

All Ness’s babies had vaccinations for everything on offer, they had no reactions but it is possible, read up on the pros and cons. You will have to get your baby jabbed 6 weeks, 3 months, 9 months, 15 months, 2 years and then 4 years.

They will start walking between 9-18 months, speak at 1 year plus, 6 months start rolling over.

Never leave your baby alone, keep them in the pram when hanging out washing. Do all your chores when they are sleeping.

Gear you may need

Cot or basinet, changing table (Optional), Car seat (Cash Converters), Portacot, bath, bouncenett, Jolly Jumper, front pack, pram, play pen, play gym or mat with toys, musical mobile to play when trying to get them to sleep.

Keep to a strict routine if you want to stay sane

Wake up
Feed for 20 minutes
Burp them
Change nappy
Play with them, sing, toys, read etc
Mat time (on their own)
Tummy time
Back to bed

Babies are bouncy and can handle most things. So don’t be scared to do things and don’t stress yourself out.


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