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Blogging again!

I had this strong urge to start blogging today, so here I am again sharing the things I come across. My hubby asked me last night how I find all this stuff 'cause he never comes across it, he's just not that interested in what I'm fascinated by! I'm interested in art, people, life and finding my perfect philosophy!

This morning didn't start off the best. As I sat wondering why I felt so glum, I reached for this book that I had picked up a month ago, I don't know how it got to be in arms length, but I'm pretty glad it was there. I opened it up and read this...

Marriage is a good idea. But if you are looking for someone that can be everything, you’ll be disappointed! When you marry someone you take on their weaknesses as well as their strengths. It’s a package deal. By expecting perfection, you’re asking for more than either of you are capable of giving. However, when you get into trouble you can count on your partner. Marriage is having someone to curl up with when the world seems cold, who’s as concerned as you when the children are ill. It’s having a hand that keeps checking your brow when you aren’t well, and a shoulder to cry on when they lower a loved one to the ground.

To the one you marry you’re saying, ‘When my time comes to leave this world, it’s your face I want to kiss goodbye. It’s your hand I want to hold as I slip into eternity. I want to look into your eyes and see that I mattered. Not what I looked like, or how much money I made, or even how talented I was. No, I want to look into the eyes of someone that loved me and see that I mattered!’ 

If you have been too busy lately, or just forgetful, take a moment and let your spouse know how much you appreciate them. 

I had a good cry and that made me feel better. I just needed a release of built up emotion (being pregnant and all!)

Me at 23 weeks - it's a boy!

A few weeks ago Spring started and I felt a massive shift in my world. It was like my flow came back slapped me in the face and life has been pretty crazy since. I came across this wonderful book in the library 10 Spiritual Steps to a Magic Life. Here is a preview inside the book (love Google books)... 

I'm up to step 8 which is talking about meditation, which I do each morning in my 20 minute long shower. This book has given me a refresher on all the things that I believe and feel, it's amazing what things have come alive again from reading this book. YES I do live a magical life. Thank you God!

I also signed up for the Worlds Biggest Summit for free. You get an email each day with 3 speakers on loads of different topics. I am into day 3, making time to listen to each teacher, I have enjoyed the variety of topics. All you need to do is visit to join up.

I am also reading The War of Art - Winning the Inner Creative Battle by Steven Pressfield.

"Overcome Resistance" so that they may achieve "the unlived life within." Whether one wishes to embark on a diet, a program of spiritual advancement or an entrepreneurial venture, it's most often resistance that blocks the way. To kick resistance, Pressfield stresses loving what one does, having patience and acting in the face of fear.

I'd recommend this book to any man that is a little stuck and wanting to taking his first step into a creative profession!

How to Read More: A Lover’s Guide

I could write all day but I will save some for the next blog maybe even tomorrow?

My card for the day is:

The youtube clip of the day is: The House of God - ENJOY.


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