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Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

In all the world there is no one else exactly like me.
There are persons who have parts like me, but no one who adds up exactly like me.
Therefore everything that comes out of me is authentically mine because I alone chose it - Virginia Satir

I was so wrecked yesterday, walking around half asleep. All those late nights and broken sleep cause of a child teething had caught up on me. I crashed out about 9pm last night and even though I got 2 times for Maddy in the night, I'm feeling much more refreshed today. I hope to do some painting on the 'meditate' painting today as I didn't do any yesterday. I did paint 8 cards getting ready for the trade coming up in Feb and Maddy and I covered our driveway in chalk. 

Maddy is so cute she has started to put words together like 'TV Wiggles Mum' and then she starts with on the I'm hungry talk which goes 'ice block? ice cream? biscuit? banana? milk? apple? toast marmite? butter (for peanut butter) chocolate? chippies?' ending with a cute 'OK'? 

How can you say NO to a face like that?

One thing that she does, which makes me laugh every time, is when I am sitting down she will come and pat my bum and say MOVE, MOVE, MOVE until I move, bossy little bugger! 
I found this really cool book at the library called Unplugged Play - it is one of those books that you don't want to take back. There are heaps of cool things to do with Maddy at home :)

It's funny how things come your way at the right time, I just got this newsletter on being yourself from

It's a good idea to be yourself, not only because everybody else is taken, but because trying to be anything else doesn't usually get you very far.

But how do you do it?

First, you have to understand what you have unlearned about yourself. This process can be disheartening, as you remember past decisions where you had the chance to be yourself but instead chose to be something different.

Since trying to be someone else is usually ineffective, why not begin by deciding to do only what is true to your own inner compass? If you did it for just one day, what would that day look like?

There are a few schools of thought that say you are incapable of making good decisions on your own; that you are inherently evil and must continuously struggle against your true nature. You are destined to lose without some kind of intervention.

But what if your true nature were good? Sure, you've screwed up with the best of them, but that doesn't mean you are destined to make bad decisions. Aren't you capable of being true to what you believe in? Aren't you capable of being a good self?

Most of us know bitter, negative people. My theory is that bitter people are not (usually) being true to themselves. My guess is that somewhere along the way, they took a wrong turn. You know how there's always ONE GUY who tells you you're stupid for not knowing how to do something? To be yourself, you have to be able to ignore that guy.

The last thing you want is to be bitter, but the second-last thing you want is regret. To avoid regret, you have to make active decisions. I think moving forward is better than remaining stationary. And I also think you have to show people you care about them -- merely thinking nice things doesn't help anyone.

Being yourself is risky. Something could go wrong, and then whose fault would it be? (This is another reason why it can be easier to let other people make your decisions -- then you can blame them when it doesn't work out.)

But in the long-run, you know you're capable of being a good self. You know you're capable of taking the risk. Even if some people don't understand, you can find a way to pursue the life and work you've always wanted.

And you can be yourself, whoever you are, today.

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The Youtube clip of the day is Time Lapse speed painting Abstract Landscape by Maine Artist Tim Gagnon (AWESOME music!)

My Card for the day is
I was thinking about this yesterday!


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