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Friday the 2nd of November

Here is one of my new paintings it's called WHY? I have been thinking about so much over the past week and WHY was one of my biggest questions.

I really don't understand a few people I have meet and wonder why they do the things they do. The world could be such a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy and I don't understand why these people don't try to create happiness around them, instead of living in drama.

Another thing I have been thinking about is Jealous people. I don't understand why they get so obsessed with it. While obsessing with jealously for others they forget to live their own lives. It's like they have a fear that their own life could never be as wonderful as the person they are jealous of, and in some cases they try to destroy that persons happiness. It makes me wonder if these people are right in the head! I know one thing for sure is that they aren't very happy with what they have!

I was reading the last Woman's Day mag and in the help page there was a lady who was complaining about how she hated her daughter and was jealous of her life. She knew it was bad to feel this way but she couldn't help it. The response she got from other readers was shock because they couldn't understand that she didn't want the best for her daughter which most parents do.

If I was to have children I would want them to have a much better life than mine! Maybe this is why I haven't wanted to have children as I don't know if I could offer a better life. I had a very stressful childhood which has made me strive to make the most of life now. I don't have any bad feelings for it as I believe that everything in our lives are perfect and that we are here to learn and grow. If I hadn't of had the experiences I wouldn't be the person I am today. I have learnt a hell of a lot from these experiences! It makes me sad to see people not learning from their experiences and seeing the flow of their life slow down and in some cases their life turns backwards.

It is human nature to want to exchange ideas, and I believe that, at bottom, every artist wants no more than to tell the world what they have to say - MC Escher

I have been reading The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want by Deepak Chopra and one thing that I agree with that he writes is the fear of doing wrong which is programmed into our minds as children. Ever parent is different and teaches different things to their children and it can make or break a child. It is said to try to reprogramme your mind to learn from your past while not feeling bad about it and enjoy the present and future.

I have some great news Rere, Stefano and I are opening the 'OUR LOVE" exhibition on December the 1st at Cracked Pepper. We have been working on this exhibition for the past few months so it feels good to have set a date. We are organising a huge opening and we are going to put on a wicked show! I love painting with them and I think today we are going to have a big painting session here?
My message for the day was: We hear the prayers of your heart, and if you mentally cry for help, we will flock to your side.
Become Loyal to your innermost truth. Follow the way when all others abandon it. Walk the path of your own heart.
I'm off to Mangaweka tomorrow to do a glass casting workshop. I'm so excited as I have never cast glass before and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
Have a beautiful day!
Love and light to you x x x


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