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I just found this interview on the TBI website

with a local artist Paul Rayner and I thought you may enjoy reading it as I did.

Paul Rayner enjoys a double-life in his real life and artistic one. As a ceramicist he is fond of self-portraiture, modelling himself in various guises from Goldilocks to Humpty Dumpty. More recently he’s moved out of the storybook realm to re-create himself as other people such as fellow artist, Ronnie van Hout. In real life he’s also well known for trotting out his drag personality, Miss Courtenay Place, at exhibitions.

During what hours of the day do you feel most inspired?
I have to eat at least two meals and drink at least 2 coffees before anything happens.

How would a good friend describe your aesthetic or style?
Shabby chic.

What aspect of your creative practice gives you the biggest thrill?

How do you think your environment affects your work?
As long as I’ve got a stereo and something to lean on I could work anywhere.

Do you like to look at the big picture or focus on the details?
The ‘big picture’ is a jigsaw made from lots of details. So, the bigger the picture the more chance there is that some of the pieces are missing…You started off your career as a ‘paparazzi’ celebrity portrait painter and in 2004 took up ceramics.

What brought about the change in direction?
My brother Mark introduced me to clay and that’s when I discovered the Joy of Three Dimensions.

You are fond of self-portraiture - modelling yourself in various guises. What are some of your favourites and what is your most recent guise?
I loved my ‘nursery’ characters – Self-portrait as ‘Goldilocks’ is a hoot as in real life I’m as bald as a bandicoot. Humpty Dumpty falling off a wall is like, Pride comes before a fall, and ‘Paulocchio’ has a very long and suggestively shaped nose. My most recent guise is ‘Straight Self Portrait’…

Will we see Miss Courtenay Place at this exhibition?
In the ‘educational movie’ that accompanies the works, and if she has her way, there’ll be a range of merchandise sporting her curvi-liscious body too!

How does your artistic alter egos parallel your life?
Crikey I hadn’t realised I’m so like that woman Sybil (in the movie starring Sally Field) with the sixteen personalities!!

What's your number one business tip for surviving (and thriving) in the creative industries?
Become a Capitalist (haha!)

Which of your projects to date has given you the most satisfaction?
I’m currently making a set of Split Enz ceramics for this NewDowse show. They’re vases and the crazy hairstyles have led to some wildly shaped forms.

Who or what has inspired you recently?
Sharon Millaire. Her horoscopes in the Wanganui Chronicle literally make my day.

If you could go back and choose a completely different career path to the one you've chosen, what would it be?
A Hansard reporter at Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

What place is always with you, wherever you go?Courtenay PlaceWhat's the best way to listen to music, and why?
Vinyl LPs – in summer after 8pm sitting on the back step with a glass of red; in winter after 8pm by an open fire with a glass of red.

You are given a piece of string, a stick and some fabric. What do you make?
A mess!

What's the best stress relief advice you've ever been given?
Sleep on it.

What's great about today?
I’ve got more to look forward to than I’ll have tomorrow.

What’s your big idea for 2008?
To get a really BIG kiln.


Paul Rayner’s work can be seen from February 9 to July 27 in Wellington at TheNewDowse’s exhibition, The Magic of Mud, which explores the creative processes of nine established New Zealand artists.


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