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Our first day of 2008

It was a very quite night last night for a new years eve. Vanessa came up and we sat chatting until 11:30pm when we started watching a movie at 12pm we said our happy new years and I pretty much fell asleep. What a boring old duck I am, there was no getting together with the girls and getting dressed up to hit the town or the hottest dance party in town that night, oh that's right Wanganui doesn't have dance parties.

It's weird going through change which most of us are doing. Becoming fearful of life can make the transition a little harder for all involved.

We had the most perfect day today we found a beach, with no one on it, and made a shelter as you can see in the photo. Shaughan threw out his fishing rods and we read, drank, ate and enjoyed our piece of harmony. I had never been to this beach before and was pleasantly surprised with where Shaughan had taken me, even with all the bumps and on the track there.

At the end of the day we had a group of people come down to the beach with their dirt bikes, they were the only people we saw all day.

Ralphie even had his collar off and was enjoying being totally naked for the day pretty much like me too I was walking around happy as showing off enough skin to get nearly a even tan. I love the colour of my skin when I have been in the sun over summer. I know it's bad for you sunbathing but I can't help to wait to have a dark tan. Ralphie even met a chocolate coloured female dog and did his best to try and mount her, good boy! He did enjoy frolicking in the surf with her for a short time before her owner told him to bugger off.

I was my normal self and got to fill the beach with words and told Shaughan that I loved him and that he rocked my world. I'm not sure if you can read the sand but it was huge too big to fit in a photo. I bet the dude in the jet could read it when he was having fun writing in the sky with beautiful white lines.

I am not one to make new year resolutions but this year I'm going to try and do more exercises, I have never been one to get addicted to the gym or represent my community in sports but maybe that could all change this year? We went to a party last Saturday night and we meet a lady who dances and goes into the masters game to try win a medal for Wanganui. I think Shaughan has been in the masters games playing table tennis. Dancing is one thing that I haven't got much of since moving to Wanganui and I really am a bit of a lover of dancing. I'm not sure why Wanganui doesn't have many people getting into dancing?

I spent sometime today adding a few things that were on in Wanganui onto our Wangnaui website and it's looking really good if you have the time go check out

Shaughan and I have been working away on this website for about 6 months maybe more and it has taken off! I spent a lot of my time finding out whats on and adding things that I think are interesting and what I think a Wanganui person may need to find on the net so it's pretty much all there that I could think of. I don't let away my secrets like deserted beaches.

If you read my blog quite a bit you would know that the beach is a place that we go a lot and I can't wait for the day that I can wake up and wander down to the beach in a lovely beach settlement somewhere up North New Zealand.

The Northland is beautiful! I hear that Bill Gates is there now for a holiday.
When Dad left Mum he went to live up there and we used to have loads of fun.
Dad was keen on water and had all the toys so we where always out at sea. My sister and I would fish while they jumped of the boat for a dive. They used to bring us up the coolest things to look at like starfish, Caterpillar slug things. They would always bring up scallops, that would be cooked on the BBQ in wine and just tasted fat and juice, and of course crayfish. Our lovely friend Mike gave use a fat cray a few days ago and we cut it in half and pigged out, bloody beautiful!

Anyway I better jump off this computer and go and give my man some attention.

My message for the day was: All your tomorrows are well taken care of by us.
Have faith, and trust that your needs will always be met, now and in the future.

May you have a fantastic new year in 2008, I will.


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