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What on Earth is Art??

I went and picked up the photo of Maddy meeting Santa this morning., I really didn't want to be in the photo but she wasn't going to do it on her own! Ho ho ho...

I got a lovely gift this afternoon from Tracie. She made me a photo book with a selection of photos that she had taken for art everyday month. It's a great book! Thank you Tracie x x x

I had another visitor this afternoon that shook his head and said he just doesn't understand this 'modern' art! With all the perplexity and misguided perceptions concerning today's definition of art - it is little wonder people are confused. Much of the bewilderment surrounding the meaning of art is a result of people's tendency to use object-referral thinking by using other peoples' opinions as the means for formulating their own. Art, both the creating and enjoying of it, ought to be intrinsic. You should never let anyone else's opinion cloud your judgement.

Art is a means by which we celebrate our individuality and diversity.

The form it takes can be anything from the way in which we choose to decorate our homes, the music we select, the films we watch, the meals we craft to the drawings we sketch. Everyone has a fundamental urge to participate in some form of creative expression at some stage in their life. It is an integral part of our being. Sometimes we dismiss the importance of art because it's not needed to sustain existence on this planet. If you were an animal this would be true, but the need for creative expression and appreciation of beauty distinguishes us from animals. We have a subconscious craving to stimulate body, mind and soul. Our spirit also needs its nourishment and creativity is a way in which we can get in touch with that part of ourselves.

Art is a physical or material manifestation of thought, feeling or spirit. Art is created for many reasons; meditations, wealth, communication to express culture, define religion, to decorate and just for pure pleasure. Art, therefore, is an extension of self, ones culture, and a reflection of our history.
Art, in its various forms, is an important part of life. It adds to the colour, excitement, joy and beauty to our vibrant, diverse world. Without it, the earth could be a cultural desert and we would be one more step away from knowing who we are and why we were born onto this planet in mystery.

The Museum of Bad Art - 

I am getting excited about the Auckland Art Gallery. I'm going to plan a visit in the first few weeks of the new building being open...

I'm reminded of an embarrassing story of myself. I was in the Auckland Gallery lecture room one fine afternoon getting ready for a hairdressing show featuring some hot international hairdressers that I had organised for over 100 Auckland hairdressers, and me being me, I opened the fire exit door as I like a bit of fresh air, and it set off all the fire alarms. It felt like an hour went past before I could find the right person to turn them off, I was so embarrassed! Why is my life full of these moments? I had forgotten this one until I watched this clip.

The Youtube clip of the day is 2011 Month to Month Oracle Card Reading, Doreen Virtue

2011 looks to be a powerful year where many people step fully into their power and make positive changes to align themselves with their life purpose. 2011 is also The Year of the Indigo.

My card for the day LAW OF ATTRACTION 


Msartist said…
Yes, I have seen people shake their heads when looking at abstract art.
I don't think they understand it is the relationship with the painter, paint and canvas. It is about the line,form,contrast,color,shapes & feelings~
Just popping a note over to you to thank you for following my blog & to wish you the Happiest of Holidays & a great incoming New Year. I am sharing a free journal page on my site to thank you. Hope you enjoy it~Theresa

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