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Wednesday 17th October

Little Rat has found herself a spot in the house. I sat on her the other day, it was dark and I totally didn't see her sitting here. She is a cutie! Ralph has been chasing her around and causing her a bit of stress. She used to live in the gallery and since she has moved up here he doesn't like it he gets totally jealous. It's funny when she is sitting on my knee he comes along and wackes her with his powerful tail. But she loves being up here as she gets to sleep in our bed sometimes.

I feel in love with the 300zx yesterday! I called around to Nessies and took her for a cruise and it got my blood pumping being a twin turbo it's really fast and the stereo system rocks. I had some mean beats pumping and I felt excited oh and it's sound is so horny. I tried talking Shaughan into keeping it and selling my car but he was already in full swing of selling it. BUGGER!
Nessie was working in her studio when I called around and was finishing off her paintings for her 2nd year for her fine art degree. I hadn't seen them before then and I was really impressed in the direction she has taken in her work, it made me inspired. Hopefully today I will sit down and start planning these 5 huge canvases I have. I even finished off all my sewing when I got home so I could pack the sewing machine away and get my desk back.

I popped into see Carolyn too and had a coffee and talked about our trip to Mangaweka to do the glass casting course which I'm excited about. She has and exhibition opening soon of her latest pieces in a gallery, I don't have all the details but will post them when she sends them through. She did email me this picture today of them hanging in the gallery. She had pulled her back muscle so I gave her some Reiki it was great for me because I haven't done any hands on healing for such a long time. Art takes over my life a lot of the time. Lots of spiritual people who are artists feel the same way.

I got an email from my friend reminding me about the yellow pages art awards you can vote just go to to vote for the peoples choice award.

My message for the day was: Give your motivations to God, and ask that they be purified. Say, "I give you my motivations and ask for your help in purifying them so that all my motives are aligned with truth and love."


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